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Calico Golden Retrievers of the Future
Thank you for contacting me about my golden retrievers.

My companion puppies are ready to go to their forever homes at the age of 9-10 weeks and will have been started on the first puppy vaccination, de-wormed, crate training and given a micro-chip. I also send home with the new owners a complete puppy book with pictures and all the parents and grandparents clearances and a copy of the pedigree. You will also have a copy of the complete contract!

The first 4-5 weeks my puppies are with their mothers and during this time Mom and her puppies are never exposed to visitors. The moms have a job to do and I want to protect the immune systems of my young puppies from outside bacteria and viruses.

When the puppies are 4-5 weeks of age they start their learning process outside, social skills, playing with each other and other adults. My goal is to build confidence and create happy healthy puppies.
Around 5, 6 and 7 weeks of age I have open house with the new puppy owners and at that time new owners can sit on the ground and interact with the puppies.

As a breeder, I breed show dogs, so therefore I will be evaluating the litter for potential show and obedience prospects around 8 weeks of age. I may also choose to hold back puppies that might otherwise be available at a later date. Once this process has been done I then have another open house and a puppy match up day with all the new owners.

I choose the puppies for you since I have raised them and know them best. I have listened and talked to the new owners at previous open house gatherings and watched the interaction with the puppies therefore I choose the family environment that they will best fit in to.
Example: family activity level, children, cats, other dogs etc....

Around 9-10 weeks of age my beautiful puppies are now ready to go to their new forever homes.

All companion puppies are sold on a limited AKC registration and a spay/ neuter (NOT BEFORE 18 MONTHS) contract .

If you are interested please request the potential new owner questionnaire and return it to

Before any one family is approved for a Calico puppy I do meet N greets first in my home, if that goes well I then set up in home or video visits of your home. It is very important to me to know where and what type of home you have to offer one of my puppies


NO NEW APPLICATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME, Once I have bred and confirmed pregnancy I will possibly be accepting a  few new potential new owner questionnaire's pending on litter size.

          Breeding plans for Lyric and her daughter Keyster

  Lyric has been bred                                        Coming soon!  
               May 20, 2021 Lyric is confirmed pregnant!!
                                        Due June 20-22

     All puppies resulting from this breeding are spoken for!

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